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AXS keeps records on visits to your site. This companion script, AX-ADMIN, allows you to display these records in meaningful graph and database formats. We currently have 26605 hits to work with.

Enter the number of recent hits you'd like to view, or leave blank for all. Enter "L" to view hits since your last visit on July 7, 2003.

Create Graphs Based On:

Web Browser (Netscape 3.01 Gold)
Abbreviated Browser (Netscape 3.X)
Browser Wars (Netscape)
Operating System (Windows 98)
Visitor Top Level Domains (.com)
Visitor 1-level Domain (
Visitor Full (
Visitor IP Address (
Hits from Other Sites (Full URL)
Hits from Other Sites (Domain Only)
Hyperlinks Followed From This Site
Hits to Local Documents
Average Number of Hits Per Visitor
Hits By Day of Year
Hits By Day of the Week
Hits By Hour of the Day

Output in CVS Format

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Graphing Filters:

By default, AXS will graph all hits in the database. However, with these filters, you can restrict graphs to recent hits, critical files, or both.

    Graph only hits since my last visit on July 7, 2003
    Graph only hits from yesterday and today, or specify:

Start Date (mm-dd-year)
End Date (mm-dd-year)
Filter String

The filter string may contain a file name, server name, or browser type - if this field is used, all graphs will be designed from log entries with contain this string as a pattern match.

See Also:

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