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What exactly is a secure server?

It is a software application similar to a web server application. However, the data is encrypted. We use 128-bit encryption on our server. This level of encryption is so secure that it is illegal to export this type of software outside of the United States and Canada because it is used for national security.

What would I need a secure server for?

The most common use is for the safe exchange of credit card information, such as in an online storefront. However, any sensitive data can be transferred in this method.

If I don't need to accept credit cards on my website, will this new server have any effect on me?

No. Visitors to your site will see no difference whatsoever.

What would be involved if I would like to start selling goods on my site?

You would have to have a "storefront" installed in your site. If you do not do your own site design, you would have to talk to your developer about this. If Page Crafters is handling your site maintenance, contact us for ideas and pricing. We can usually add a basic storefront to an existing website within a few days.

How safe is it to give out your credit card over the web?

The answer depends on how diligent your webmaster was in securing the site. With proper precautions, your credit card is infinitely safer than if you simply hand it to some stranger in a restaurant or read it over the phone to a mail-order clerk. It has been estimated that for a hacker to decode a credit card using an Internet "sniffer", he would require the simultaneous coordinated efforts of every computer in the world for approximately 250 years. That's just to decode one credit card.