Coyotes on the Rise in Marshfield

There are many excellent reasons for a dog park. Keeping our dogs safe is one of them.

Residents have been well aware of the growing population of coyotes in the Marshfield area. The most common concern was for the 100+ cats that have been lost in the past year alone. Small dogs are also at risk. Cat and small dog owners have been informed of the dangers of their pets being outdoors and have been advised to keep them indoors. Small dog owners have also been advised to keep their dogs on-leash while walking them in wooded areas.

State game biologist Erik Amati said, "Coyotes view domestic pets as an alternative food source. In a lot of cases we've seen cats being taken and dogs being attacked and killed."

Most dog owners believed that their larger sized dogs would be safe until a coyote family attacked two 60-pound shepherd mix dogs this fall, 2004.

Since then, there has been much discussion among dog owners about how to provide our dogs with a safe place to run and play. Marshfield's Animal Control Officer, Norma Haskins, suggested that we build a fenced-in dog park as one solution.

As a result, an informal Marshfield Dog Park Committee was born.

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