A Dog Park is not just a hangout for dogs.

We all want public space where we can satisfy our hobbies. Public lands have been set aside for many special-use hobbies such as baseball diamonds, swimming pools, conservation trails, tennis courts, golf, a skate park, etc.

We are Marshfield residents whose hobby is playing with our canine companions. It can be difficult to do with a 6-foot leash.

A Dog Park can also provide new dog owners a place to learn about canine behavior, socialization and responsible pet ownership.

A well-exercised dog is a happy dog, leading to fewer behavioral problems at home. The American Kennel Club, the Humane Society, and scores of veterinarians and trainers all agree.

With families having less leisure time, the need to exercise the family dog has become an increasing problem. The two to three hour walks needed for active breeds is not realistic. A dog spending all day in the home and exercised in a backyard surrounded by a privacy fence does not provide the needed socialization for a well-rounded, happy pet.

Not only will a Dog Park add to the community of Marshfield, but it will bring the community closer together.

We ask for your support in creating a Dog Park for our town.
We are currently in the process of selecting a site.

How Can You Help?

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New Volunteers are always welcome!

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"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole"
  - Roger Caras