Our cheesecakes are priced at $24.95 each, plus FedEx or UPS 2nd day shipping. We can also ship FedEx or UPS Next Day.

Please note: cakes do not come garnished.

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Traditional Plain

For the cheesecake purist. The classic favorite with a creamy, smooth texture and rich graham cracker crumb crust...you can't go wrong.


The delightful smells of Grandmother's kitchen on Thanksgiving available all year round. Pumpkin and cheesecake blended with just the right amount of spices, served over a zesty, ginger, graham cracker crumb crust...go ahead, have a second slice.

Apple & Spice

Bring the Fall harvest to the dinner table. Crisp, tangy apple flavor, combined with the smooth texture of rich cheesecake set on a cinnamon graham cracker crumb crust…perfect.

Peanut Butter

Smooth, creamy peanut butter blended with the traditional cheesecake, set on the classic, rich graham cracker crumb crust…Mmm.

Cool Mint

Just a touch of cool mint, combined with traditional cheesecake and complimented by a firm Oreo® Cookie crumb crust…smoothly refreshing.

Key Lime

Swaying palms, warm breezes, and soft sugar sand. Real Key Lime juice, combined with smooth cream cheese, makes this tart cheesecake a favorite. Set on a firm base of sweet graham cracker crumbs…A taste of the islands.

Chocolate Chip

Plenty of semi-sweet chocolate chips blended into this cheesecake, set on a bed of Oreo® Cookie crumbs…a chocolate crunch in every bite.

Chocolate Marble

Rich chocolate cheesecake swirled with the traditional plain cheesecake, nestled on an Oreo® Cookie crumb crust…heavenly.


Our favorite candy bar crumbled throughout our traditional favorite cheesecake, complimented with a crust of graham cracker crumbs…sweet.

Double Chocolate

A luscious, creamy chocolate cheesecake, set on an Oreo® Cookie crumb crust…a chocolate lovers delight.

Strawberry Swirl

Delectably smooth strawberry purée swirled through our traditional plain cheesecake, nestled on a rich graham cracker crumb crust…one of our top sellers.

Raspberry Swirl

Our scrumptious traditional plain cheesecake with raspberry purée swirled throughout, set on a graham cracker crumb crust…one bite and you're hooked.

Please note: cakes do not come garnished.